We will publish the final job offers shortly. Stay tuned or contact us directly and send us your CV. We’ll keep that in mind.

Jobs in Madrid:

  • Community manager
  • Tourism and Computer Engineering Scholars
  • Tour guides and group leaders

Work place in Guardo/Velilla (Palencia). Selection at the end of 2018. Foreseeable start 2019.

  • Graduates with a special degree in Spanish philology or who have completed training courses for ELE teachers. These courses can be completed in three weeks and the Spanish people are expected to start in 2019. On time
  • Administrative staff with good management of RRSS, office automation and add-ons
  • Maintenance and cleaning service, gardening
  • Accountant
  • Catering and accommodation service
  • Recepcionistas
    • Bar and restaurant waiters
    • Computer scientists with extensive experience
    • Financial Manager

    On this website we will publish all the offers and the most developed profiles required for each position.

    The detailed offers and their registration will begin to be published in July 2018.

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