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LaThe Montaña Palentina is located in the north of the province, approximately 100 km from the capital. It borders the provinces of León to the west, Cantabria to the north and Burgos to the east. Within the Cantabrian mountain range it occupies a central position, located to the south and relatively close to the Picos de Europa. The mountainous groups of the Montaña Palentina have usually been subdivided into the massifs of Fuentes Carrionas, La Peña, La Pernía, La Braña and La Lora.

The special geographical location of the Palencia mountain range, straddling the Atlantic and Mediterranean climates, makes this area an area of great diversity of fauna. For example, typical species of the Atlantic climate live here, such as the medium and black peaks, the capercaillie, the capercaillie, the alpine sparrow, the rock creeper, the piornal hare, the Seoane viper, along with other species of Mediterranean dominion such as the bastard snake, the ocellated lizard or the rock plane. However, the great protagonist of these mountains is an emblematic and endangered species: the brown bear..