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The programs are designed in a new concept – students in a university environment. Classes and accommodation are provided at the King University of Madrid and different university student colleges, which enable students to feel themselves as future university students. All specific visits and classes are designed to expand knowledge in various fields of humanities and sciences, improve the level of proficiency in the Spanish language and professional orientation.

Exclusive professional visits to companies and government institutions will introduce students to the world of professions, academic orientation will help to understand the diverse offer of education programs and learn more about student exchange programs in the common European educational space.

Work-shops and tour guided are recommended in Spanish language, although some of them we could offer in English o other languages. Please, consult with us and advisable to book it in advance.

If participants of your group are from both fields of Humanities and Science, we can offer you a General mixed program to satisfy general educational needs of your group. Choose activities you are interested in from different programs you like and we will provide you with the program you need.

Please, take into your consideration if you choose a programs with Spanish government and company visits, you should provide us with the list of your group with names and passport details in advance to confirm and assure your visit.