Specialised courses and additional internships (Model)

The programs are designed in a new concept – students in a university environment. Classes and accommodation are provided at the King University of Madrid and different university student colleges, which enable students to feel themselves as future university students. All specific visits and classes are designed to expand knowledge in various fields of humanities and sciences, improve the level of proficiency in the Spanish language and professional orientation.

Precio: € 1.249,00




Spanish Language Course (15 hrs – 20 hrs inntensive)

Specific visits and workshops:

  • Royal Music Conservatory of Madrid – Museum and posible Audition-concert
  • Guided Tour Royal Theatre of Madrid
  • Fine Arts Academy of San Fernando (posible Specialized visit o/and workshops):
    • Music in Academy or
    • Dance of masquerade

Basic visits

  • Museum El Prado o Museum Queen Sofia
  • Excursion Toledo

Comments: Audition-concert depends on availability on dates according to the Conservatory curriculum and the visit of your group to Madrid.


Spanish Language Course (15 hrs – 20 hrs)

Specific visits and workshops:

  • Robotics Museum:    
  • Pack  Science (workshop) + workshop of drones, about robotics, radiocontrol and gadgets of Star Wars (posible guided visit in english) – plus 4 euros
  • Telefonica Foundation (Guided visit, consult available languages): – Excursion “Historia de Telecommunications” (Guided)   
  • Workshop “Virtual Reality” (With assistants)
  • Planetary: (plus 6 euros) Europe in Space (guided visit to exhibition, in Spanish)                                                                                         
  • Dark Universe (workshop-video)

Basic visits:

  • Museum El Prado o Museum Queen Sofia
  • Excursion Toledo

COURSE HUMANITIES (History, Archeology, Architecture)

Spanish Language Course (15 hrs – 20 hrs)

Specific visits and workshops:

  • Archeological Museum of Madrid: Visit-workshop relationed with history y archeology            
  • University of Alcala: -Guided tour (Activity guided, possible in English but not reommended) – Plus 5 euros
  • Royal Theatre Opera of Madrid (Guided activity, possible in English): General tour – included,  Artistic youth tour – plus 9 euros.

Basic visits:

Museum El Prado o Museum of Queen Sofia

Excursion Toledo


Spanish Language Course (15 hrs. – 20 hrs.)

Specific visits and workshops:

  • Telefonica Foundation: History of Tele-Comunicaciones
  • Temporal exposition
  • Visit to Fuenlabrada Campus Fuenlabrada (Faculty of Comunication, Journalism and Public Relations): – Presentation of University grades 
  • Visit to facilities (TVset, radio studio)  
  • Professional visit guided to (Master Class):
    • Publishing Company: El Pais/ AS (leading newspapers) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PRISA
    • o
    • Publishing group: Unidad Editorial https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unidad_Editorial
    • Editorial Group LUIKE https://www.luike.com/
    • Television (RTVE, Antenna 3, Telecinco)

Basic visits: 

  • Museum El Prado or Museum of Queen Sofia
  • Tour to Toledo or Segovia


Spanish Language Course (15-20 hrs)

Specific visits:

  • Presentation of Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences  and it´s Grades
  • Stock Exchange of Madrid (Guided activity in english)*                                                                   Or
  • Central Bank of Spain** (Gaided tour is offered in spanish)
  • Senate of Kingdom of Spain ** (Guided tour is offered in spanish language)                                                                                 Or
  • Congress of Deputies of Spain
  • Museum Casa de la Moneda:
    • Gymkana activity covering the current moneraty system and the history of money – Coinage activity of your own small copper medallion in a hammer press, following the ancient method of minting. €3 euros/persona                                                           
    • Projection of the two films “Royal House of Coin” and “History of money from romanic epoc”
  • * Please, take into your consideration Stock Exchange visit should be required by us in September for your group to guarantee it. It´s posible to be in english language
  • ** Please, you should requier us this visits in advance like most of the specific visits. Consult the language of visists.  

Basic visits:

  • Museum El Prado or Museum of Queen Sofia
  • Excursion to Toledo or Segovia


Spanish Language Course (15 hrs-20 hrs.)

Specific Visits and workshops:

  • Campus Aranjuez Faculty of Interpretation and Translation: – University grade orientation (Translation and Interpretation)  
  • Practice seminar of interpretation and translation   (3 hrs )                                                                                                 
  • National Library* (Didactic material – This activity requires a sufficient level of understanding of Spanish. It is recommended levels B1-2)
  • Foundation Telefónica: History of Telecommunications (Guided visit)
  • Museo Taurino (Visita teatralizada 15 euros/persona, general 12 euros/persona)

Basic visits:

  • Museum El Prado or Museum of Queen Sofia
  • Excursion Toledo o Segovia
  • Comments: Please, consult us the language of planned activity. All activity are recomended in spanish language your students to practice to.    

NOTICE: Master Classes more than 20 Hrs. (in spanish or english) have an extra charge of 100,00 € 


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